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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) commissioner Friderica Widyasari Dewi stated that achieving financial inclusion and literacy is fundamental and both must go hand in hand.

“Having financial inclusion without understanding the product will cause a lot of misunderstandings that can lead to problems in the future,” said Friderica at the financial education event in Central Sulawesi which was broadcasted online on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

As the OJK commissioner, Friderica admitted to receiving complaints from the public every day. Among the reports came from women who dealt with online loans. She emphasized that not all online lending services are legal so before using the products, one must check their status. 

“If it’s legal, OJK can provide help. If it is illegal, it is a general crime and we will hand it over to the police,” Friderica explained.

She cited the results of the 2019 National Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey (SNLIK) that women’s financial literacy rate was lower than men’s, which was at 36.13 percent, while financial inclusion was at 75.15 percent. The men’s financial literacy rate was at 39.94 percent and inclusion was at 77.24 percent.

“This is our job to improve [women’s financial literacy and inclusion],” said Friderica.

OJK thus took the initiative to provide family financial education. OJK, she went on, also had a pocketbook on financial management for would-be brides. “Many households part ways due to economic reasons. We mustn’t let this happen, so we have to educate people.”


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